About me

About me

I have always loved colours. To me they represent the joy of life, bringing happiness into our everyday lives

Ever since I was a little girl, I have enjoyed rearranging furniture and decorating every room I possibly can.  At that time, there were not too many pieces of furniture I could play around with but that could never stop me. It is actually quite amazing how many different combinations one can come up, having only few things to start with! And there I was, moving those few pieces from one corner to another. I could spend hours without so much as sitting down and taking a breath. I had a goal and I was determined to accomplish my goal. As no rearrangement of a room can be done without a proper cleaning, I have to admit that I do not mind the cleaning part at all, I never did. On the contrary, I actually like it – I know weird, right? I have always enjoyed that rewarding feeling of accomplishment after reaching the goal. How do I know that I have reached it – well, I will never stop before I can honestly say I am happy and pleased with what I have done. That`s how I know. And so it began, it was not too long before I got to play with variation of colours, curtains, wallpapers, and cool little accessories to make our little house as cute and stylish I had imagined before.

I have always loved colours. To me they represent the joy of life, bringing happiness into our everyday lives. One has to admit that those long and dark winters here in Estonia are grey enough not to take advantage of all the beautiful colours out there.  And again, it is quite amazing how little one needs to make a difference by finding the right colours and placing them into the perfect harmony.

How do I see home, what is home to me? Home is the place where everything is right – the perfect harmony of people living there, all the colours, and things they feel comfortable and happy with. Every home has its own face with its own personality – it is my dream and passion to be the one helping people to find that special something in order to create the place they will love to live their lives or be productive while working on their own dreams. I love what I do, because I follow my dreams, they always know the way!


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Interior design

Regarding your wishes, whether your vision is to just renew your home or build a new one, I will offer complete solutions down to the smallest of details.

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